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(USA & Canada only)

Note: This is a special new tool for USA and Canada players only. Other countries are not accepted at this time unfortunately. That is not our restriction, it's a restriction of the fantasy sports sites.

So if you are from USA or Canada read on!

Let me ask you this,

Did you know there is a new, growing industry in US and Canada that produced more profit last year than video games, movies, TV and other industries COMBINED!?

I am talking about Daily Fantasy Sports

If you've been missing the “next big thing”,

you better listen carefully.

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(USA and Canada players only)

Because even child-friendly Disney just decided to ride the growing trend - they invested a mouthwatering $250 million dollars into Draft Kings, a popular Fantasy Sports website.

Yes the sport might be fantasy, but the money you are going to win is very much REAL

Take a look at the recent winnings:

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(USA and Canada players only)

For all those who are new to this type of sport investing Daily Fantasy Sports is hitting the West by storm.

Instead of betting on outcomes of games, you bet on performance of individuals of the game.

For example in NHL I have been learning a ton from all of you about predicting who wins what game. For example many of you bet on who would win the Chicago Blackhawks vs. Tampa. With Daily Fantasy you create a lineup or who would you roster if you coach in the game. The key restriction is that each player has a salary "to hire" them for the game and you have a limit on the amount of fantasy funds to create your team.

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